Summary Of Lyndon B Johnson's Film And The Great Society Program

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A Summary of Lyndon B Johnson Biographical Documentary and the Great Society Program. The documentary shows us a view into a man by Lyndon Baines Johnson. In this documentary that was in the link, he described as ‘one of the most effective, intelligent, politicians in the American history. However, his presidency is considered as ‘Accidental’. Despite how bad and negative and depressing having. For example, accidental president might like to be, Lyndon Baines Johnson did not let this bring him down. He was determined to “Out-Kennedy the Kennedys. He came with ideas that would affect all American life in a positive way. Majorly, he is credited for pushing through historic social legislation on a scale that against of Roosevelt, referred by…show more content…
His authority and achievements were however shadowed by his increasing commitment of the United States Forces in Vietnam. This did not play out well with the American population. Hostility to the war and the promise Lyndon B. Johnson had towards it started rise into protests and demonstrations. These protest groups were mostly of the youth. In 1968, to the surprise of many, he announced that he would not be seeking re-election. He is remembered and appreciated for the vast domestic accomplishments he made and for policies his government came up with. Policies that made good and shaped the American lives for almost two decades. He was able to achieve despite his unpopularity due to the Vietnam War. The Great Society Program. A part from the war on poverty, President Johnson started another program called ‘The Great Society’’. This was a program that allow all the American kids get the opportunity to knowledge. Which he or she can enhance her mind with, and developed their talents with it. Moreover, get focus on the war that it against poverty and enforcement the Great Society Program so to make sure the American citizen had fuller life
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