Summary Of MK Asante's Memoir 'Buck'

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In the memoir Buck by Mk Asante showed plenty of examples of Feminist theory. For centuries woman in all different shapes and forms has always been belittled. Who are people to judge them for their gender? All woman over should be treated equally. It is in our constitution that everyone should be created equally. Even women has been running for the most powerful positions and people want the traditional “male” figure to run things. For instance, why hasn’t there been any woman as presidents? In most people eyes they believe that woman are too emotional and can’t handle well under pressure in the position of power. Who is people to tell us that woman are too emotional? Males who seem to have the “upper hand” in things and best known to be dominate try to take our courage. Woman should have the right to be treated equally and fairly. The purpose of this essay is to examine MK Asante’s memoir, Buck, through a Feminist theoretical lens in regards to the negative representation of Malo’s mother Amina, girlfriend Nia, and his older cousin Kianna. In the memoir Buck by MK Asante shows many views and one of them is through a feminist theory lens. Amina, Malo mother, “a mother who led the new nation’s dance company and a father…show more content…
Woman go through a lot to be judge, belittled, or stressed. Woman shouldn’t be afraid to express their selves and feel like they don’t have enough power not to say a word. We all should be equal and shouldn’t be judge for our genders. I honestly feel like any women who went through the things Asante went through and is able to make a better person out of their selves and as strong as the next person. This author MK Asante wrote this book to let viewers see no matter what situation you’re in you can always get out and make yourself
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