Summary Of Madeleine L Engle's A Wrinkle In Time

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Madeleine L’Engle. Who ever really heard that name? Well, we certainly did, and we hate it. Neither does Stalin. And neither does anybody else with a right mind in the universe. L’Engle wrote a novel (I am not even sure these pieces of paper could be called literature) named A Wrinkle in Time. It is basically about a loser girl named Margaret Murry, or Meg (a nickname that has nothing to do with her name) that has a father that left his family composed of himself, Margaret, the mother, an irrelevant pair of twins, and an autistic little man named Charles who, towards the climax of the book, gets his mind together with communist capabilities with the “antagonist” of the story: IT, The Black Thing, you-name-it. IT is who (or what?) controls Camazotz; the place where Meg’s father is supposed to be in.…show more content…
Throughout the novel, Meg meets Calvin, coming directly from Ireland with As straighter than ever, and the three old ladies who fans claim to be the “heroes of the story”, while they are actually the antagonists. Before you contradict us, the three ladies, also known as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who, did horrid things that scale from leaving three kids by themselves in Camazotz to stealing a lady’s sheets and driving the whole hometown of Meg’s crazy. It is mentioned that Mr. Murry, Meg’s father, works for the government and himself, along with his family members, moved to and fro to various places, such as Cape Canaveral (the hometown of corrupt NASA; the real IT) and New Mexico. Now, connect the dots: the father leaves to work in “Camazotz” that has one dictator and he works for the AMERICAN government. What picture does it form? Well, we are going to answer this for you: the picture of an American author trying to hypnotize you into saying that one nation with one representative that takes cares of everything for you with neatly placed opportunities is formed. Did you really think we were going to keep quiet after all of
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