Summary Of Man Of Fire By Jose Clemente Orozco

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Man of Fire is a painting done by Jose Clemente Orozco in 1939. Jose Clemente Orozco was born in November 23,1883 and had died September 7,1949 in Mexico at the age of 65. The painting located at Guadalajara Jalisco in Mexico. Man of Fire is a mural it's 32.5 centimeter. The mural is 107ft.

had did the painting on the ceiling of the building. The painting looks like it's rough because it's painted on a wall. It looks like it's painted by dark colors but it's not there white in there that highlights some of the parts. Then there orange red and yellow that are bright colors but they're mixed together to look dark. The painting might look bright but it looks dark because of how high it is up in the ceiling. In the background of the painting it's all of dark colors of red mixed into together.
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There only 3 people that are painted but you could see that there more but there only parts of their body that is showing. The people in the painting didn't look scared but it seems like there trying to piling on top of each other because of how that all have their arms on each other. In the back it looks like things are burning because of the dark colors that are in the background. It looks like the people could be covered in ash because of the colors that they are painted. I think the artist was trying to express in the painting is of people who are burning. The painting looks sad and dark but there is a few bright parts in there to. I think maybe the artist is trying to say that there is always a light in the dark. The people are all painted dark colors but the man is painted red and is different from the rest. Maybe the people in the painting are trying to get to the man because he bright and they want to be in the light instead of the

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