Sad Poem Margaret Atwood

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Everyone grew up with bad things, bad mood and tones. Powerful people had lots of scars. Scars is not only from injured but it is from accident in everyone’s heart. This accident is from losing things that we did not know before.It will happen very fast.There was the one woman who wrote a beautiful sad poem.She worte many sad poem.She makes reader feel like the letters in her poem.I am the one who read that peom.I can tactile the sadness that writer want me to know.I think that she had a big scars,so she can write the poem by feeling in her heart. Margaret Atwood, the author who suffered in a lot of Ways. Margaret Atwood is one of the most versatile authors of all the time, because of her acute awareness of gender different that forms an integral part she becomes a Spokeswoman she wrote many book, poem and short story Margaret Atwood has writing style that most of the time creates a sad mood for the readers mostly on sad poems she tells something from poem. Margaret…show more content…
Margaret Atwood’s father had died so, she is stuck in it. Father is like a cleat of the house.When her father died her house is like destroyed.Everythings has changed.Her profoundly know that how the feeling that losing something that can not find.It is a worst thing that happen in her life.Her father is a writer and her her had thinking of write a poem.Because of this dissappointment she begins writing the sad poem.Her love on her father is so brimful,so her poems are full of sadness.For instance “A Sad Child” is the poem that gives the feeling sad and dismal which is tell about waste love that has gone and never come back again.She wrote this poem from her deep of heart.She makes the reader know how many sadness that poem tell about .On the other hand,she tell the reader that sadness is like a happiness.It come and stay in a short time,and go in a early time
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