Summary Of Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

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Margaret Atwood, in her novel Oryx and Crake, presents a post-apocalyptic dystopian world that revolves around a man named Snowman, formerly known as Jimmy. Along the way, Jimmy meets Oryx, a troubled young lady. Jimmy had a difficult childhood that has shaped him into the person he has become. His loss of adolescence reveals that a lack of close-loving relationships can have a great effect on one’s upbringing. Throughout the novel, Snowman constantly has flashbacks of his life when he is younger. The use of anecdotes helps reveal the interesting relationships Jimmy had with both his mother and father. Jimmy’s relationship with his mother is very obedient; he is always trying to please her. For example, Jimmy recalls a memory of him and his mother walking on the beach talking about cells and disease. Jimmy is not into science and he is always indifferent about his mother and father’s work, but when he saw that his mother could tell that he is not interested in talking about cells and disease, he quickly said, “I want to hear about the tiny cells, I want to!” (Atwood 21). Jimmy’s quick reaction to his mother’s unhappiness reveals that he is never able to fully connect with his mother the way they both wanted to. Jimmy’s desire to always please his mother shows that he truly loved his mother, but his mother does not really care for Jimmy. Their distant relationship is further supported when his mother just up and runs away one day. Although his mother left a note saying how
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