Summary Of Mark Twain 'Those Extraordinary Twins'

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In the story “Those Extraordinary Twins” by Mark Twain he depicts the twins Luigi and Angelo and sharing a body but not sharing philosophies. This separation is also evident of the Civil War time-period in the United states during Twain’s Life. The Separation of the twin’s ideology and the sharing of the same body are a symbol of the America and how they share land, but the Union and the Confederacy have different ideologies, specifically about race. This division among a nation as drastic as the civil war is perfectly depicted in its symbolic meaning of the twins and America, as written by Mark Twain. The symbolism of this separation can be shown in “Those Extraordinary Twins” when Twain makes the twins conjoined, their skin color different, and gave them different ideologies.
In “Those Extraordinary Twins” Twain’s first symbolic representation of America is placing the twins in the same body. What this symbolizes is how there are different factions within the twin’s body just like there are in the United States in the Civil War. Both personalities are represented by the same body but both at times must concede to the others wishes because fundamentally they are responsible for each other’s body that they share. This shared body represents how the landmass of the United States was our body as a nation, but we had two different “personalities” or ways of life and had to put up with one another like the twins have done their whole lives. This divide can be shown when in
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