Summary Of Mark Twain's 'Adventures Of Huck Finn'

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First of all they find a cavern to hide in and they lug all of their supplies there as well. Jim doesn’t want to talk about the dead man that they found, and Finn thinks it is stupid to be superstitious so he parks Jim by putting a rattlesnake at his feet. The rattlesnakes mate comes back and bites him and Jim is sick for many weeks. They both go to town and Finn impersonates a girl, he does very well at that task. The women that he was talking to had seen smoke on the island, and they didn’t want to be caught. They decided to leave the island and they head down the river when they see a man being tied up by two others, but they can't do anything about. There raft floats away in the confusion, which means that they have to steal from the men's cabin.…show more content…
They watchmen doesn’t believe what he is saying, and goes to sound the alarm hoping for a reward. They don’t want the poor man to die but they can't do anything about it,. Jim believes that the French can speak another language but Huck Finn does not. After tricking Jim he feels awful and apologizes. Huck Finn thinks that he is going to have to bring him back to his owners. Even though he doesn’t want to. Later on there steamboat wrecks, and they are separate once again. He ends up at the Grangerfords they are a very kind family that opens their home to him. One of their daughters had passed away her name was Emmeline. She was in the many portraits that finn had noticed in the house. Huck has a very unconventional way of looking at things. For instance he runs away to an island and meets a slave. That would have never happened back then. He Huck is an irresponsible child, and doesn’t really know what he wants. He doesn’t care about what is normal, or proper. He doesn’t like that he is constrained against rules. He goes to live with a widow and doesn’t enjoy. He needs excitement, and that is when they come up with a
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