Summary Of Marks By Lindon Paston

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Most students today, no matter what level of education they are at know the feeling of getting a report card back, only to see that they 've received poor grades or even worse, grades that don 't reflect the time and effort that were put in to the class. In today 's society the grading in an educational system can cause a great deal of controversy as to whether students are actually receiving the grades they deserve and whether grades are measuring the student 's true adroitness. In the poem Marks, the author, Lindon Paston uses a controlling metaphor, diction, and tone to portray a woman 's feeling of confinement and restriction when being graded as if in an education system, by her own family as a stay at home mother. We witness the speaker mentally and emotionally struggling to find happiness and well-being within her everyday life. Her family doesn 't appreciate her true value as a housewife and expects her to do everything for them while they sit back and grade her on how well she lives up to her gender role.Through her discouragement we as readers understand what it feels like to be a student who is trying their utmost best in school, but not seeing the proper results their demanding work deserves and can understand why the speaker is at her wits end.
Often times in writing, the author or poet will write something that they know and feel their audience can relate to, allowing them to find an interest in the story. In this poem the controlling metaphor permits the
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