Summary Of Marriage In Despande

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deviate from the roles allotted to them. To maintain the harmony within the society the man-women relationship should be cordial enough upon which other relations are dependent.
Family includes a range of relationships, the base of which is the marital relationships and the other relationships are just the of-shoots of it. Marriage in contrast to western society is not considered as contract but is meant for bringing joy, happiness and fulfillment to both man and women. But in this novel marriage fails to give justice to each and every character. Relationship problems are the most difficult of all kinds of problems owing to their subjectivity and the involvement of more than one person. Man and woman are considered a two wheels balancing
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Man-woman relationship outside marriage does not have any social sanction in Indian culture. The married life of Jaya and Mohan have been for seventeen years but there is no mutual understanding and harmony in their life as a result of which Jaya was compelled to give vent to her thoughts and feelings through Kamat. She made compromises and adjustments whenever and wherever necessary. She has been taught by the ladies of her family that it’s a prime duty of a wife to keep her husband happy. So she wraps herself in the cover of silence to make her married life peaceful one.

Most of the marital relationships in Despande’s fiction are characterized by silence. Her protagonists find an easiest way to get out of troubles only through practicing silence.Mohan is always having a clear vision of his life and he is searching for a partner who can place him into better position in the society. He determines to marry a girl who can speak good English and must be cultured and
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She goes back from this relation when Kamat died because she knew very well that society will never accept such relationship however innocent it may be.Marriage is projected by the novelist in a different way through other characters like Jeeja and Nayana, the housemaids of Jaya. They also had to face the torture of their husbands and their lives are full of drudgery. Nayana was not interested to give birth to a female child because she does not want her child to face the consequences of marriage that she is facing by getting beaten by her husband. Jeeja’s husband is also a drunkard who often beats her. She was bound to accept her husband’s second marriage because she failed to give him a
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