Summary Of Marshfield Of Dreams: When I Was A Kid

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The book Marshfield of Dreams: When I was a Kid, by Ralph Fletcher is a memoir that uses lots of sensory details, imagery, similes, and other figurative language. Along with these types of figurative language, he also uses three elements; plot, setting, and characters. For example, the plot of the book is a story of Ralph’s childhood, and short stories of scenarios that occurred in his childhood. The setting of the memoir consists of various places such as; school, his home, etc. Along with the plot, and the setting, there are also characters mentioned in the story. For example, Ralph is one of eight siblings in his family, and his other family members are mentioned in other parts of the memoir. Throughout this essay, i will go into detail of the three elements used in the memoir.…show more content…
What i mean by this, is his overall memoir is about his childhood as I stated before. However, along with that he has individual plots of his story as well. For example, the chapter “Teeth” is a short story about how his mother had a “tooth bank” for every time one of the kids lost a tooth. This story helps drive the plot because it is a piece that makes up Ralph’s childhood. Another example, is a chapter called “First Pen”. This short story is literally about the time when Ralph’s father bought him a pen. With the pen, he wrote stories on Sundays, and even though this seems pointless, it was important to Ralph because he remembered this memory. These are two examples of the many stories that make up Ralph’s
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