Violence In Martin Mcdonagh's The Pillowman

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Martin McDonagh is an Irish playwright who wrote The Pillowman in 2003. He is the master of the horror comedy who poses this fact whether a life of horror is worth living at all. So, he starts by representing the horrific sexuality, injured bodies and so much blood on stage. At the same time, so many paradoxes, the same as innocence and darkness, are beside each other that emphasizes the grotesque situation. The audiences experience so many negative feelings such as violence, disgust, fear and grotesque in this play. Actually, he tries to represent the effects of parental abuse and violence against children. The main character Katurian has to face this fact who is disturbed and abused by his parents. So, he has been arrested…show more content…
In other words, Martin McDonagh’s plays have presented a kind of special laughter which follows by disgust and fear, and it is interesting because he might be best known as part of a long line of Irish playwrights who faced controversy due to his art. McDonagh’s The Pillowman highlights the most important themes such as the establishment of a Violence, Grotesque and power dynamic between characters. In other words, people with different purposes and goals prefer to use violence for receiving new opportunities to control other people and gain some benefits from them. Intrinsically, people like power and because of that sometimes use and apply different types of violence to show how powerful they are in the society. But everyone uses his own pattern for different situations and it is not limited to just physical ones. It means people never follow the same patterns in different conditions. It related to so many different factors that cause various…show more content…
In other words, the ego is the consciousness that balances the needs of the id against the expectations of the society. According to Freud, the id is part of the unconscious mind that controls a person`s basic impulses, such as sex, water, food. The ego is the conscious part of the mind that controls a person`s need of the id, being one person`s intellectual and rational thinking. The superego has the moralizing and critical role and is the representation of our societal rules, taboos, morays. It creates a feeling of guilt when social codes are violated. In conclusion, Id is the impulsive part of the psyche which responds immediately and directly to the instincts, while the superego incorporates the morals and values of the

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