Summary Of Mary Gaitskill's Bad Behavior

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The behaviors of human beings are influenced by some factors that Mary Gaitskill's story, Bad Behavior, brings to light. The book has some short stories where Gaitskill has described stories of men and women indulging into prostitution due to the opportunity created by the job they are in or their daily undertakings. However, this paper focuses on the reasons why the successful women of the short stories engaged into prostitution. In the story, women are driven into prostitution knowingly or sometimes unknowingly. The common driving factors in the story include influence from friends, being blinded by love, sexual neurosis, drug addiction, partying, emotional dishonesty and many other factors. Gaitskill is utterly unsympathetic in every way; she has a well-developed dialogue that brings out her characters to life. Women…show more content…
In reality, Jane is not a professional prostitute but a poor young and successful woman who has decided to indulge in the business so as to raise money for her art school. Jane's story is in the third story of the book. Her story exists in the short story called Something Nice. As a prostitute with rather not much of sexual experience in her line of work, Jane attracts the narrator with her fresh and young look. The man is filled with yearning towards her. Gaitskill describes the man's feeling as not that of sexual attraction, but of love. The narrator feels some love for this young, inexperienced female prostitute. (O'Malley, 2007). As opposed to many people's understanding of prostitution, prostitutes are people who are supposed to be saved from that awful practice of sexual abuse. Surprisingly, Gaitskill's view about Jane's involvement in the business is active. The writer is not reasoning the same way as the narrator or any other person out there about prostitution. As a matter of fact, the author sees prostitution as a helper

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