Summary Of Matthew Arnold's Culture And Anarchy

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Matthew Arnold is one of the greatest authors of Victorian era. His outstanding work Culture and Anarchy is an illustration of his critical point of view towards culture in his times. When he was going to high school, his critical thoughts about culture and society came to fruition. He gives great importance to culture and education. He criticizes the contemporary writers lived in that time and this is because he believes that they do not have the cultured mind and the matured thoughts that agree with social norms. While he criticizes his contemporaries, he uses the ornamented words in harmony with his position in society. He supports the idea of liberty however the reason why the society wish for the liberal state is more important than the liberty itself for him. The society support…show more content…
He desires to idealize the society with the true definition of culture and he uses culture as a main basis to divide the society. In this paper, I will highlight his own and unique definition of culture which he uses for the cultured people and how he separates the society by looking at their sophisticated mind and their definition of culture. In his work Culture and Anarchy, the society is separated into three groups. The first group is Aristocrats , the second group is the Middle Class and the third group is the Working Class. The first group is named as barbarians by the author , he calls them barbarians this is because they are interested in sport and themselves and have no concern with culture. When the second group the Middle Class is submitted to an examination , he could not find once again what he expected. According to Arnold, the middle class is composed of the ignorant and inconsiderate people and in addition what is mentioned before, the most important thing in life for them is money. The people who belong to the Middle Class oppose to culture and education at that
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