Summary Of Mattie And Cogburn's Journey

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Again Mattie and Cogburn continue on their journey. One night we they begin to set up camp, Chaney appears in front of Mattie. She still has every intention on catching him so she raises her gun and fires, wounding him. She is then taken hostage by the Lucky Ned Pepper Gang and has to survive until Leboeuf can rescue her. Lucky Ned and Cogburn soon fight each other in a shoot out where Cogburn comes out alive. While Mattie and LeBoeuf are watching the fight from a distance, Chaney jumps them, knocking LeBoeuf out and pushing Mattie down into a snake riddled cavern. Cogburn saves her but Mattie is bitten in the process. After realizing the severity of the situation, Cogburn takes Mattie to the nearest doctor, racing the clock in order to save
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