Summary Of Mildred D Taylor's Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Many people have to stand up for their beliefs.They have to be very courageous when they stand up to their beliefs. In Mildred D Taylor’s book roll of thunder hear my cry..Stacy has to show courage when he comes up with plan to dig the trench. The book is set in 1930 in the south where african americans were treated unfairly. .Stacy also had to show courage when he was in the woods taking T.J. home. When Stacey walked T.J home T.J told T.Stacy to wait on him to see if he makes it into the house. Then all of a sudden car lights come out of nowhere when they drove up they came and banged on the door and drag the whole family to the outside. Then they started beating up T.J.
My second thang of courage is when T.Stacy stood up to the school
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