Summary Of Milton William Cooper's Behold A Pale Horse

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In a Las Vegas conference, Milton William Cooper states that HIV/AIDS is a man-made deliberate virus created to eliminate blacks and homosexuals. ~lead
As of December 31, 2000 a count of 774,467 people reported having a case of HIV/AIDS and 68% were black or Hispanic. Milton William Cooper has written multiple reports and excerpts in hopes that someday some nation or organization has enough courage to stop the execution of humans whose races were already having others bestride upon them.
In Cooper’s book Behold A Pale Horse it states that, “ In 1969… the United States Defense Department requested and got $10 million to make the Aids virus in lab(s) as a political/ethnic weapon to be used mainly against blacks”(Cooper 446).
In 1978 in experimental
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Originally, the recommendation given was to create a microbe, almost invisible to the eye that would later attack the immune system resulting in death. As ideas were passed through it eventually lead to the conclusion of making vaccines instead.
The main victims of this project were Africans, Hispanics, people with limited resources, largely populated continents, and a vast population of the third world. To WHO these subjects were seen as unfit or unneeded. The conspirator, Milton William Cooper, says their reason behind this was, “HIV/AIDS was created in laboratories … U.S. military to remove unnecessary elements of society and vast population of third world” (Cooper).
In response to the Green Monkey theory Dr. Alan Cantwell says, “ There is no earthly way a heterosexually transmitted sexual disease ‘out of Africa’ could have been transported to New York City to infect ONLY young white homosexual men… first proven cases were discovered in New York City in 1979. The African AIDS epidemic was not uncovered until 1982” (Cantwell).
In opposing views it is said that HIV was brought to humans by monkeys. Their theory says that a human may have been bit by a monkey therefore transferring the virus to humans, and then somehow spreading to America from
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Strecker also states that when the doubling time of the number of people infected about every 14 months is compared to the first known case and the number of cases there are now, it proves that it couldn’t have been single monkey bite. The number would be too high showing that a group of people had to be infected all at once.
AS time went on the count of HIV/AIDS cases only grew in number. Included in this cases among blacks gradually grew and by the year 1996, more cases among black people were reported than any other race or ethnic group.
HIV/AIDS has made drastic changes to population. “AIDS has killed 15 million Africans , more than 80 percent of the world’s AIDS (caused) deaths… has struck 35 million people, 25.8 million of them in Africa , and orphaned 13 million children”(Admin).
At the time HIV/AIDS was taking a toll on children as well. Stated on an LA Times magazine on 9-26-1990 an estimate of about 10 million kids will be infected by the year 2000.
In response to this Milton Cooper supports his claim about HIV/AIDS and says “I’m confused, are we supposed to believe that these 400,000 children are practicing homosexuals or IV drug users?”(Cooper
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