Summary Of Mona Ruiz

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Mona Ruiz was raised in the middle class neighborhoods of central Santa Ana in a household of two parents, and seven siblings. Although Ruiz had family members affiliated with gangs, her father despised gang members. Both of them would have talks about how proud he’d be if she furthered her education and became a police officer. He had said to her and her sisters, “gangs promise only shame and danger for a young girl.” (Ruiz 27). Ruiz’s father’s hopes were lost when high school came around for her. She became a high school dropout once she associated herself with the F-Troop gang. She was then disowned by her father, which only worsened her decision-making at the time. The less time she spent with her family the more time she spent out with…show more content…
She enjoyed the atmosphere but did come across other employees who weren’t too fond of her presence. Ruiz claimed, “They didn’t like the way I looked and dressed, the way I talked.” (Ruiz 79). As well as the criticism she got in her work place, Ruiz faced the same criticism in the streets. During this time, Ruiz had met a boy named Frank Ruiz, at a party. At first she was head over heels with Frank and was positive that he was her future dream husband when she had found out about her first pregnancy. Little did she know that Frank’s lies, abuse, and infidelity would make their relationship deteriorate rapidly. After years with Frank, Ruiz had gotten the courage to leave Frank and start back on her career that he had stopped her from continuing; not only for her but for her three children. She went through the process of getting her G.E.D, attending police academy, and was a training officer for a lengthy period of time. Now as Ruiz is fulfilling her goals in life to provide for her children, she wants to speak on a personal level with neighborhood kids and even her own kids. To inform them that gang members and cops are alike, and that drugs and gangs are not worth dying for. Ruiz takes pride in how she still gets to be surrounded by her community while also doing her
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