Summary Of Monster By Richard Cohen

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Described in Cohen’s essay, is the extensive insight into how monsters are defined. He says that these monsters are defined by seven different aspects having to do with their appearance, character, or representation. Cohen’s first point is that monsters are always representations or symbols of a particular culture. They are made to life because of emotions or environment in that culture. He states, “The monster is born only at this metaphoric crossroads, as an embodiment of certain cultural moment--- of a time, a feeling, and a face” (Cohen). His second theses is the idea that monsters always elude. They cannot ever be caught, and if they can, they will come back for the fight. The monster may look different, but it will find its way back. When a monster is supposedly killed, there seems to be a remence of it left behind.…show more content…
If nothing is left behind the people watching are always convinced that it is still there because of some clue that links to the monster, “ (footprints, bones, talismans, teeth, shadows, obscured glimpses--signifiers of monstrous passing that stand in for the monstrous body
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