Summary Of Moonshadow Father In China

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in this chapter was that moonshadow father was famous where he was with his kite and his craftsmanship. and almost everyone had one. also everybody called san francisc In chapter 1 the one that picked, question was “In chapter 1 what did you learn about the story after reading this chapter”. So what i learned in this chapter was about where he currently lived, where his dad was… which was in california and during this time his dad had wanted him to make the trek to the “diemen's land”. I think that he was a little skeptical about wanting to go there but then he did. Something else that i learnedo the golden land. they called it that because at that time all the men from china were going there to mine for gold but there family could not come because it was to much money, they would have lost money. so that is a few things i learned from this chapter.…show more content…
so in this section i learned what his name meant. wind rider is moonshadows father and they left their family back in china while on the search in california the reason that the whole family couldn't come is because they did not have enough money. But let's cut to the chase jase so moon shadow has been asking his dad but his dad had been stalling but now he has told him what what is means and he said “it's the name he got before birth. In this section the default question is black dog has been causing trouble what trouble may he cause in the future. so currently blackdog has been causing trouble with the thing that happened on the hill. but don't really know what blackdog might cause in the future… but i do think he might cause some smaller problems most
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