Summary Of Mrs. Lanier's Nine

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Imagine being the only colored one in an all white school and you were being mistreated. In 1957 nine students arrived at an all white school called Central High they went for an education but did not know what they were getting into. The book is being told from Mrs. Lanier perspective. The nine students are being followed throughout their whole life through Central and when they graduated and how this one memory affected them. The nine made a difference but also to pointed out the sacrifices made by families and communities that found themselves a part of history. During the integration of Little Rock Central High School in 1957, the media illuminated certain events but painted an incomplete picture of other events. In many ways the media showed important parts of what was going on. The media illuminated the truth about things that had happen and how the nine students felt. During Lanier 's time in Central she realized teachers coming to school and their was no student,…show more content…
Things that were incomplete was from other people 's perspective and what the media left out. However, Mrs. Lanier and the other nine students had an Thanksgiving dinner. The media made the nine look presentable for the dinner and that is not how they usually look. The media wanted to check on how the nine was doing and wanted to interview them. Mrs. Lanier said, ¨ Then of course, several of us reassured television viewers that we lived in a great country and that all was well in Central¨ Page (109 Lanier). This is making it incomplete. She is not really having a good time, she has to say that she is for the media. Also the media is illuminating their feelings and how people look at them. The Gazette story summarized the first three months of integration at Central. Mrs. Lanier said, ¨...not entirely calm by any means, but not in turmoil either¨ Page (108 Lanier). This made their view of what happened incomplete and their feelings
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