Summary Of My Brother's Keeper By Kimberle Crenshaw

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Kimberle Crenshaw discusses the three major inequality problems that affect our society in America. She explains Post- racialism, structural racism and white privileges and intersectional frasure. Crenshaw discovers how society developed a social norm in which the topic about racism is a dangerous topic to discuss or even try to avoid. Post- racialism is usually discussed upon an educational matter, how black communities are often framed to be dangerous and the way race can influence individuals. Race is a framework that explains racism. Crenshaw brings up a theory in which describes the fundamental works of how society is today by adding inequality to society and taking away racial power like history, levels of segregation, questions…show more content…
Then she gives us the broader frame work showing how industries are responsible for the sickness of these cows. Metaphorically, in this photo we are the cows and the reason we are sick is because of the way society is set up with high unemployment rates, incarceration, poor health care and racial inequality. But instead of looking at the broader frame we blame those who seem to be responsible and look for a solution that might only explain one aspect of the problem. Crenshaw gives an example where a narrow frame work of racial inequality illustrated in an organization called My Brother’s Keeper. The organization My Brother’s Keeper helps young African American boys stay out of trouble and help them stop suffering in their communities. Instead Crenshaw explains how this organization doesn’t look at the broader frame, not focusing on young girls, communities, and families. Not understanding that an important aspect is focusing on the social economics of these young girls and boys mother. In which that can help influence the type of education they receive, health care, economic class, and their future. Crenshaw also showed us a small clip in which it illustrates how being a different race has had a harder path over history and still going on through

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