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ADDITIONAL ENGLISH CIA – I TOPIC: MARGINALISED WRITER AND ANALYSIS OF THEIR WORK. KAMALA DAS Kamal Surayya, also known by her pen-name Kamala Das and Madhavikutty was an exceptional Indian English writer and a leading Malayalam author. She was known for her poems, short stories and autobiographies. Her early life was one that had lot of ups and downs. All that was gently reflected in her works much. She got married at a very early age of 15 to a bank officer Madhava Das. He was one of her greatest support at all times. Kamala Das composed on a differing scope of themes, regularly dissimilar from the tale of a poor old hireling, about the sexual attitude of upper white collar class ladies living almost a metropolitan city or amidst the ghetto. She said that she wanted to fill her life with as many experiences as she could manage to garner as she believed that one could be born only once. MY STORY – AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY This is said to be a portrait of her own lifestory. The story string is that of a young lady writer who is much more youthful than her very set spouse; not greatly instructed formally but rather with such an artistic foundation, to the point that the formal training stops to matter. It is based on the times of the British rule. She faces discrimination at a very young age, when she would have not even remotely known the meaning of the word “racism”. Battling through her life in the midst of the parochial, patriarchal society,

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