Summary Of My Virtual Life Simulation

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The findings of the study by Lori N. Scott demonstrated the creation of a pattern showing that adolescent girls perceived quality of affection decreased at the start of adolescence, but stabilized towards the end. Such findings can be applied to My Virtual Life simulation because they support how children going through puberty tend to separate from their parents and strive for more independence in order to develop their own self. In my MVL I had a male son which also showed similar patterns of behavior .Between the ages of 12 to 17 Kade had a greater tendency to go against the parental decisions. However, as he turned 18 he seemed to appreciate more the parental advice which proves that a parental method of high affection mingled with a clear set of rules creates an environment where the child can create a good quality of attachment to the parents.…show more content…
Psychological Review, Apr 1991. Culture and the self: Implications for cognition, emotion, and motivation. Vol 98(2), 224-253. The result of the study proves how people of different cultures have strikingly different perceptions of the self and others. This highlights how culture influences the development of the child. This is of outmost importance because MVL doesn’t take into account how culture might forge a child behavior. For example I am Hispanic which might create experiences for my child that differ from other children whose both parents are from the United States. This would cause my child to develop his concept of the self based on his Hispanic heritage and the culture he is exposed to in his everyday life, therefore his path to the development of the self would differ from that of his peers because of his
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