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“We got a dead woman on the merry-go-round.”(pg 21) Right away at the beginning of NYPD Red 2 there is action and suspense. James Patterson’s and Marshall Karp’s book NYPD Red 2 is a fast paced novel where two cops who work for the elite task force in New York City called NYPD Red must find the Hazmat Killer before the the Hazmat Killer strikes again. NYPD Red 2 is one of James Patterson’s best works of fiction and one of Marshall Karp’s best books. The story is told from two points of view. The first is Zach Jordan, a detective for NYPD Red. The other point of view is the narrator who talks in the third person when the chapter is about the killers, Gideon and Dave. Within NYPD Red Zach and his partner, Kylie McDonald, are the most emotionally…show more content…
That the murders take place in New York City is both bad and good. It is bad because the detectives are trying to keep information about the murders quiet and solve them quickly which is hard to do in a big city. It is good because both detectives have been working in New York for such a long time they know the city well. The story starts off when Zach arrives at Central Park and hears that there is a dead body on the carousel. After they find out who the victim is they start to interview people around the city and they figure out that there is not only one Hazmat Killer but two working together. Once they figure out that there are two killers they interview some more people and realize that they are actually cops. While Zach and Kylie are figuring all of this out Rachel O’Keefe is kidnapped and tortured. Eventually Zach and Kylie find exactly who the killers are and they trick them into leading them to Rachel O’Keefe. While all of this is going on, a Mafia family with the last name of Salvi is trying to hunt down Gideon and Dave because when they were teenagers they killed the son of the Salvi family with a whiskey bottle. At every point in NYPD Red 2 there was lots of things going on and it was hard to keep up with all of the suspense, action and mystery. But since NYPD Red 2 is such a well written book all of the plot lines weave together and leaves the reader wanting…show more content…
The quote that sums up the whole book is “Wrapping up the paperwork on the average homicide investigation can take days. But this case was anything but average.”(pg 388) This is the best quote to sum up NYPD Red 2 because it shows how this was a completely insane homicide case that would take weeks to wrap up because there was multiple murders, one of the killers died, an innocent woman was kidnapped and tortured and the Mafia got involved. Overall NYPD Red 2 is a very thought provoking book that has puzzling parts, humorous parts, and suspenseful

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