Natasha Analysis

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A fourteen-year-old girl, especially one who dressed like a polish hooker”(87), this is how Berman views her cousin, Natasha, in the story Natasha by David Bezmozgis. It is clear at first that Natasha in Berman’s aspect is quite negative. As time goes by, after Natasha spends some time with Berman’s family. Unexpectedly, “Natasha became a fixture at our house [Berman’s family]”(91). Natasha gradually adapts herself into Berman’s family and becomes a part in his family. Natasha is the main character who has a positive influence on the entire story, especially Berman’s mother, Berman’s uncle and Berman himself. (8)

First of all, Natasha positively influences Berman’s mother, who feels contented with Natasha’s presence. Natasha gives
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Berman and Natasha develop a friendship, which makes Berman grows up in variety ways. In retrospect, Berman once lives an isolated and meaningless life. “He lives a subterranean life, separated from his parents, smoke weeds and masturbated”(86). However, when Natasha comes into his life, they truly enjoy each other’s company, they spend most of their time together in the basement and learning something new? “I taught Natasha to get high, Natasha taught me other things”(92). Natasha enlightens Berman to do sexual activities. Although, It is not good for people at this age to learn these kind of things, but Berman who lives in such a little world is finally learn something new. Another example shows at the end of the story when “Natasha decides to leave Berman and work with Rufus”(100). As a result, he suffers from Natasha’s absence, he realizes that how Natasha matters to him and helps him to grow up during that time. Consequently, Berman becomes more mature and his eyes are wide open. “I saw my future clearly. I had it all planned out” also, he is thinking about changing his life “It was the end of my subterranean life.”(101) Berman experiences new things and changes his perspective. This shows that Natasha has the most positive impact on Berman’s life.…show more content…
Natasha fulfills, helps and enlightens people. We people always make presumption about others based on the first impression. The clear example from the story is how Berman judges Natasha by her looks. At first, his opinion towards her is quite negative that he has no interest in her at all but. At the end, it turns out that Natasha is the one who positively change people in the story, even Berman himself. Lesson learned from this story that we should never judge someone just from their appearances before we get to know
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