Summary Of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Case

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1.If you were the case manager for this family, when would you begin to intervene?

If I was the case manager for this family, I would start to intervene as soon as I became aware of the specific social determinants that would probably negatively affect the family’s health outcomes. Income appears to be the center of many of their problems. For example, the fact that the Hawthorne’s spend 35% of their income on their home mortgage puts them at a much higher risk of not being able to pay for other essentials such as medical care, food, etc.This social determinant that is safe housing is important because it recognizes the chance that in the event of a health/financial emergency, the Hawthorne’s may not be able to make the payments. Whenever a large of amount of one’s income goes to a specific obligation, then other needs like adequate food security becomes jeopardized of decreasing in quality. The second social determinant is the access to healthcare. Even though the family had “access” to healthcare, they definitely could not afford to pay for their insurance payments without putting themselves in financial debt. If the Hawthorne’s happened to incur a large amount of debt, then their “access” will appear less accessible. Part of what makes this particular determinant so dangerous is the fact that it could encourage
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As a case manager, I would have to address these two social determinants in order to provide the family with the interventions like maybe applying for
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