Summary Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Chapter One Summary: In chapter one of Night by Elie Wiesel, the some of the characters of the story are introduced and the conflict begins. The main character is the author because this is an autobiographical novel. Eliezer was a Jew during Hitler’s reign in which Jews were persecuted. The book starts out with the author describing his faith. He is Jewish, but he wants to go deeper into his religion and learn more about it. He becomes good friends with a man named Moishe the Beadle. Moishe is very knowledgeable about the religion and he teaches Eliezer a lot. Times passes, and soon Jews are being forced to move into ghettos. The ghettos are where they are to stay until they are evacuated from their towns to go somewhere else. No one knows where they are going and many are excited, except for Moishe. Moishe has learned of the horrors of the Nazis and what they are doing to the Jews. They are killing them in horrible ways, but no one wants to believe Moishe. This really lowers Moishe’s spirits because he knows that what happened to many other Jews will soon happen to all of his friends after they are relocated. Groups of Jews are moved out day by day and Eliezer is in the very last group. All of them are clueless of the terrible experiences that…show more content…
As time progresses, he becomes confined to his bed and cannot move. Eliezer brings him soup and coffee, but at the same time he regrets it and thinks to himself how he should leave his father and conserve his strength. The other prisoners beat his father and steal his food. His father had dysentery so he is always thirsty, but it is dangerous to give it to him. Eliezer tries to get medical aid, but the doctors will not help him because he is an old man. One day Eliezer comes to his father’s bed and he is gone most likely taken to the crematory. He doesn't mourn for him and feels bad because of it, but he also feels
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