Oppression By Nirmala Buch Summary

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Sarita Yadav
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From Oppression to Assertions, Nirmala Buch, (Place of Publication-New Delhi), (Routledge Publisher), (First Published in year 2010)
From Oppression to Assertion by Nirmala Buch explores the realities of various myths which are related with the women’s entry as people representatives in the Panchayati Raj institutions (local government) in India. Book tries to find out the response and reactions of different groups in the society when attempts are made for empowerment of historically unrepresented group. The 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act paved the path for representation of women in government decision making process by way of reservation of one-third seats in the grass root decision making process at the Panchayat
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Based on her vast practical experience of the ground realities coupled with theoretical insights about system, author has tried to bursts several prevailing myths on reservation of seats for women. Author has used interview methodology with the women representative in Panchayats for reviewing the effectiveness of this system. Author and her team has interviewed 1200 women representatives hailing from the nine districts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh; these states have long been on the radar for discrimination against women and are usually seen at the bottom of list of social and gender statistics. Author has documented the awareness, enthusiasm and participation level of women representatives in the Panchayats after the first and subsequent two elections following 73rd Amendment…show more content…
Author Nirmala Buch delves into these issues and tries to bursts some of the myths associated with women’s representation in the Panchayats. The book tries to delve into the two major facets of this reservation which are – effectiveness of this act in bringing women into domain of decision making at the grass root level and impact of this act on women empowerment at the grass root level. Author should be praised for making a herculean effort in bringing data into such debate which has always been pulled up with negative statements. Reservations of seats for women at Panchayat level was seen as an instrument of women empowerment and to bring them to various forums so as to make their voice audible. An important and quite visible outcome of the Act was that this reservation provision forced the men in society to take the lead and convince women in their family to contest the elections. Amendment Act did helped in increasing the number of women at Panchayat Level as less than 1% of the reserved seats remained
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