Summary Of Nora Ephron's The Boston Paragraphs

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Nora Ephron’s “The Boston Paragraphs” displays various forms of rhetorical proficiency in order to create a fleshed out story. A piece of writing that displays many forms of rhetorical devices has the ability to carry out the author's feelings and ideas through a specific audience. Ephron expresses her love for stories and photos because they capture all the angles from the human experience. Ephron uses simple yet effective writing in order to keep casual readers from shying away from this complicated piece of work. From using past experiences and observations, Ephron uses all of her knowledge in the subject in order to highlight why this subject is nothing to dismiss because of the hard truth within the pictures. Although Ephron explains that…show more content…
Ephron then continues to state that these type of events happen to everyone and quite often too, but aren't as frequently captured and displayed like its counterparts. In the end Ephron reminds the audience that death is among us all and should not be forgotten but rather, remembered. In order to prevent something like this from happening or by being aware, but because Ephron believes that being explicit with everything is important for the understanding of the human experience and presence on this world. No matter the atrocities that may or may not be displayed this is all part of the human experience. For example Ephron says, “Throughout the Vietnam War, editors were reluctant to print atrocity pictures. Why not print them? That's what that was about.” (Nora Ephron Boston Photographs 1) Ephron explains that Death happens to be life's main event. Not necessarily that death is beautiful but death is interesting and unpredictable. while Ephron explains this portion of the essay in a very casual manner in order for readers of various levels to follow along and listen to what Ephron has to say about photojournalism. Reading this there are no words or ideas that really stood out or stopped the reader from advancing their understanding her explanation any
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