Summary Of Norah's Prejudice Down Syndrome

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The story starts introducing David and Norah. It begins before she gives birth. Norah gives birth to a healthy boy, and feels more contractions and gives birth again. This time it was a girl. Quickly after the doctor notices familiar symptoms such as “flaccid muscle tone, delayed growth and mental development, possible heart complications” (Edwards 16). The story also introduces Caroline right before Phoebe was born because she was the nurse assisting David. The main character of this story would have to be Phoebe. The entire story revolves around the decision that David made to get rid of his child and how it affected their lives afterward. The story relies heavily on the situation Phoebe is in and how it affects her. It talks about the prejudice down syndrome children face every…show more content…
Most of the story is told by David. Throughout the story, we learn a lot of about him and what motivated him to make this decision. The reader learns about his sister and her heart problems and the struggles his family had to face. This motivated him to get rid of the child so there would not be any pain inflicted onto Norah, his wife. However, the opposite effect happened because it destroyed Norah’s life. She became depressed and an alcoholic and even resorted to adultery to find some closure. Phoebe’s life however

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