Odour Of The Chrysanthemums Analysis

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Odour of the Chrysanthemums is an intriguing short story that was writing in 1909 by an author known as D.H Lawrence. The story first starts off with an engine that is rustling through towns dropping of men that work in the laboring mines. The men all want to get home to their lovely families but tragedy yet again strikes a family of four as the husband is nowhere to be found coming off the train. The wife Elizabeth Bates and her two young children John and Annie anxiously waiting for the master of the house to get home. As they are waiting and the uncertainty of where Mr. Bates is at. Elizabeth starts to think that he is entertaining old habits and had gone off drinking at a shop called the Prince of Wales but nobody has seen him. She ends…show more content…
In Elizabeth 's perspective she feels " the child was like ice in her womb"(Lawrence). This imagery that Lawrence gives the audience emphasizes how separate she feels from the unborn child and its father that she once fell in love with. Elizabeth 's struggle in her relationship with her husband was the struggles that Lawrence really wanted to touch on especially after an untimely death. When a person dies it makes close ones realize what could have gone better in life and any regrets will surely come out. Always cherish the ones that are close and loved because nobody ever knows when the last day is. It could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow nobody knows. In Elizabeths case she felt the connection being lost between her spouse. She did not even know who the person dead on the stretcher was anymore. They have drifted so far apart that she makes a statement about her partner that is truly saddening. "She knew she had never seen him, he had never seen her, they had met in the dark and had fought in the dark, not knowing whom they met nor whom they fought...in fear and shame she looked at his naked body, that she had known falsely. And he was the father of her children".(Lawrence). The image of the child feeling like ice in her womb goes directly in hand on how she felt at that exact moment when she saw his dead naked body. Two people
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