Summary Of Olga Khazan 'No Spanking, No Time Out, No Problem'

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Olga Khazan, author of No Spanking, No Time Out, No Problem, writes about her interview with child Psychologist, Alan Kazdin. During the interview, Kazdin really goes into child psychology, and how typical and popular parenting methods may not prove effective on children anymore. Both Khazan and Kazdin attempt to tap into the emotions of existing parents, or parents-to-be, by giving scenarios and examples of child behavior and personal experiences. One may definitely notice throughout the text that author, Khazan, attempts to manipulate with the way that she writes. Khazan dives deep into one side of the psychology of children and the effects that discipline may have on children. In her text, No Spanking, No Time Out, No Problem, Khazan states that, “The way to get rid of a child’s negative behavior is not punishment.” (Khazan). This quote insinuates that the author works to tell people, specifically parents, that punishing children is not the way to get them to comply and behave. From here, Khazan uses evidence from a personal interview with child psychologist, Alan Kazdin. Kazdin…show more content…
The very methods that parents used for years have suddenly been shot down, and Khazan and Kazdin work to introduce a brand-new parenting strategy. This writing strategy could affect readers in a few different ways. It’s common that people don’t enjoy being told what they’re doing is wrong, and they will likely stop reading the text. On the other hand, some people more willingly accept that better methods may exist, and they will continue to read to find out what they can do better. Kazdin goes on to challenge parenting methods by saying, “Parents are very frustrated because they think they don’t have any tools that are effective…” (Khazan). Readers can see this as a bold statement; Kazdin doesn’t clarify that perhaps only some parents are frustrated, but instead, speaks for all
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