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Oliver Twist is a novel written by Charles Dickens. Oliver is born in a workhouse in a small town near to London. After his birth, his mother dies. Nobody knows who she is. Oliver is sent to the workhouse. But Oliver commits the unforgivable offense of asking for more food when he is hungry. So, the officials of the workhouse offer five pounds to anyone who’s willing to take Oliver on as an apprentice. They eventually send him to an undertaker. At the coffin-maker’s shop, Oliver is treated the same way he is at the workhouse. The coffin-maker, Mr. Sowerberry, isn’t so bad, but his wife, Mrs. Sowerberry, and the other apprentice like Noah abuse Oliver a lot. After being abused some more, Oliver decides to run for London on foot. When he arrives at London, he meets The Artful Dodger. The Dodger buys Oliver lunch and offers to introduce him to a gentleman in London who will give him a place to stay. The old "gentleman" turns out to be Fagin who trains kids to be pickpockets. Oliver sees the pair steal the pocket handkerchief out of a nice-looking old man 's pocket. Mr. Brownlow sees Oliver running. So, he yells after him. Mr. Brownlow has taken a better look at Oliver. He realizes that Oliver looks too poor and innocent. So, he understands that Oliver is forced to be a pickpocket. Then, Mr. Brownlow takes Oliver home and cares for him until he becomes better.
Unfortunately, Fagin, the Dodger, Nancy, and Bill Sikes are worried that Oliver would inform

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