Summary Of On The Subway By Sharon Olds

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The three paragraphs of the poem “On the Subway” Sharon olds are contrasting the relationship of Caucasians and African Americans. Giving the details how a white person mistreats an African-American. How people in the past discriminated others of a different race. How they use as an excuse their money to take advantage of African-Americans by making them work hard to satisfy what whites need. In the first stanza, rod of light and throughout darkness is the light and dark metaphor. In line at the narrator's fear has a metaphor and a simile in line 11. The poem is full of similes and metaphors. For example, line 3-4 are similes also lines, 9-11, 24-26, 29-30, line 32, and line 32-34. The poem in line 4-6 includes metaphors. Also, the
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