Summary Of One Out Of Many By Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

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A cultural encounter is the interaction of one or more culture with another culture. Culture encounter is not only a condition related to nationality or ethnicity, but it could also be an interaction between two members of any two groups with different norms, such as children and adults, or men and women. The interactions of people from different cultures require the understanding and respect of people’s beliefs, the way they live life and to discover new things about their world and cultures. However, culture encounter could result in some conflicts, for example, the difference between cultures and how it could be hard to adapt to a new culture. It could also result in racism and fundamentalism. These kinds of conflicts happened in the short story ‘One Out of Many’ by the famous writer Sir Vidiadhar Surajprased Naipaul. The cultural encounter in this story will be highlighted by exploring the story, the main protagonist’s struggles and how the author used the narrative structure to convey the meaning of freedom.
The short story “One Out of Many”, is a touchable story written by the famous writer Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul (V. S. Naipaul). It is a short story from his famous anthology ‘In a Free State’. The novel consists of three short stories set in three different countries, each exploring the concept of freedom and the price one has to pay for it. “Naipaul was born in Chaguanas, Trinidad, on 17 August 1932, the eldest son of a second-generation Indian.”
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