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In the article “Orange is the New Black is the Only TV Show that Understands Rape” by Jada Yuan, she argues that TV show such as, Orange is the New Black can demonstrate how rape is an atrocious and violent act. Orange is the New Black is about the story of a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade old crime of transporting money to her drug dealing girlfriend. Yuan has written many different types of articles for New York Magazine, but in this particular article Yuan talks about how TV shows or movies can illustration the agony and repulsive feeling women go through when they are getting raped. Also, by displaying these scenes it can show the audience how traumatic and psychologically…show more content…
In Martha Marcy May Marlene described her rape scene by saying, “The edges of the frame closing in on the face of a young woman stripped of volition, her head creaking along the floor as a powerful force behind her exercises his will.” In The Game of Thrones the scene was Sansa Stark’s husband Ramsay Bolton raping her on their wedding night. Bringing other sources that prove that other films also exhibit these types of scenes show that the author chose these specific films because it captures the awful experience women go…show more content…
The fact stated, that one of five women get raped in their life time. Although, this was the only statistical fact Yuan had in her article it give the audience an idea of the average of women that get raped. Also, the author talks about a young women she met at a local bar, who was a rape victim, gave her opinion on the rape scene of Pennsatucky. The young women said, “I think they captured the lifelessness,” and “that happens when you decide to stop fighting.” Stating actual rape victim’s point of view makes the readers comprehend how real rape victims feel when they see shows such as, Orange is the New Black. Though, the author had effective points in her article she failed to mention a particular idea that I believe is important. Throughout the article Yuan goes on about how women are targets for rape, how it sucks to be a female, and that women are the only victims of rape. When men can also be victims of this atrocious act. Men can likewise have the same type of trauma and psychological problems as women. The author could have mentioned some movie or TV show where it’s a man is the victim of rape. Or had maybe talked about an article where a man talk about his experience of being a rape

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