Summary Of Organ Sales Will Saves Lives By Joanna Mackay

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In the essay, “Organ Sales Will Saves Lives” Joanna MacKay elaborates that kidney failure is a major problem that has a possible, not so complex solution. Mackay believes that this issue could possibly be resolved if the legalization of organ sales were to be possible. In fact, her main argument throughout the essay is that government officials should not waste lives, but rather help save them by legalizing this process. Furthermore, she explains the dangers of the black market and how authorizing organ sales would benefit all parties involved. Overall, MacKay thoroughly claims that organ sales would ensure greatness for the recipient but also for the buyer; most importantly, she believed it would give someone a chance to continue living a …show more content…

Dialysis is not only expensive, but also rough on patients and it is only a temporary solution. Essentially, since dialysis filters the blood through a machine, the patient is stuck living to that machine until there's an available organ. Due to the advances in medicine, kidney transplantation is the best option for the patient. Not only is it reliable, causing very few complications, it can help return the patient to their normal life. However, the lack of kidneys available for transplant caused 50,000 deaths worldwide. Consequently, the rise of selling organs on the black market has risen. It is set up by a broker who plans the surgery in a foreign country with the help of nurses and obviously the surgeon. This method of receiving a live organ illegally has caught the attention of many people who desperately wait years on the donors list for many reasons. According to MacKay’s research, a living kidney could possibly live up to twice as long as a cadaver kidney. Anxiously, people who live in extreme poverty await to sell a kidney for as little as one thousand dollars in hopes to ease their financial situations. Morally, MacKay claims it would be right to donate a kidney with no pay since humans can live with

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