Summary Of Orpheus Descending Of Lady Torrance, By Tennessee Williams '

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Tennessee Williams opens Orpheus Descending Depicting Lady Torrance in a miserable marriage to a horrible husband who is on his death-bed. She cannot seem to stand her husband because of the fact that he murdered her father years before. Although, her husband never physically abused her, she has been mentally abused by the killing of her father which has frightened her from leaving her husband. A young man by the name of Val enters in to the small southern town. Williams gives a jazzy vibe of a guy that 's been on a rough past but seems to want to turn his life around. He looks for an opportunity by steering away from illegal activities. Val 's ambition for change ended up charming his way into a clerk working for Lady Torrance at her shop.
Lady Torrance and Val first have their interaction on his first day of work. He witnesses Lady Torrance conversing with a few other women from the town. A girl named Carol manages to maneuver her way into the store unnoticed to use the phone. From the conversation overheard on the phone by the women, the rejection is felt by Carol 's sister and her family by them letting her know not to return home. The frustration shows in the girl 's actions, but it is the phone call home that points to the pursuit of happiness as she truly misses her family.
A weird girl by the name of Carol comes into play who is from one of the more prominent families in the city. Her out of control behavior tends be an embarrassing and cringe worthy sight for eyes.

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