Summary Of Out Of My Mind By Sharon Draper

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I read the book Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. The book was about a girl named Melody with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. The disability makes it so she can’t walk or talk and has limited movement. However, she can think, better than most. In the beginning of the story, she was in the special Education classes because of her disability. Many of the Special Ed teachers acted as if she was retarded. The kids in Special ed began going to some of the normal classes. The normal classes weren’t too hard for Melody. When Melody found out that there would be a competition for smarts and they had to try out to get in, she was willing to take the test to see if she could clarify for the competition. The class took a practice test and she was the only person in the class to receive a 100% everybody thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t for Melody. When Melody arrived for the real test the teacher told her that it wasn’t just for fun and that people are really trying out. Her AID Catherine explained to him that she was really smart and she could do the test even though had Cerebral Palsy. Melody took the test and got and 100% so she qualified for the competition! Everybody was shocked when she qualified for the competition. She practiced really hard during the competition. The work she put into practicing paid off because they won! Since they won they were on the road to Washington. The day of the competition the weather wasn’t that good in the place they were flying to. So when they got to the airport Melody’s competition team had left and there were no other…show more content…
My three words were Don’t Underestimate me. I choose these word because throughout the book Melody is highly underestimated. For example, when she showed up for the test for the competition, the teacher thought it was a joke since she had Cerebral Palsy. What the teacher didn’t understand is that Cerebral palsy doesn’t affect your
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