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The book Outcasts United by Warren St. John is the story of a refugee soccer team called the Fugees. The Fugees are based in Clarkston, Georgia. The coach, Luma al-Muflehs, starts a free soccer program for the kids of Clarkston because many can not afford to play soccer. The players come from many different countries and speak many different languages. Luma helps the players with tutoring sessions before the practices and helps their families with things that may be difficult for them. The book goes through the first few seasons of the program and shows the trials they faced, such as getting a proper field to practice on and the keeping the players from joining gangs. When one of the players get’s shot in the face because of the gangs, luma …show more content…

Luma does her best to keep the boys away from gangs, so she finds another field for them to practice at, away from the gangs. Even though they face discrimination from the older members of the clarkston community, they were able to get the field at the park to practice. The mayor of clarkston seemed to not like the fugees. After they got access to the field he said they couldn't play there anymore. He, however, had no power over whether they were allowed to play there and he got a lot of bad publicity for this stunt. No matter what happened, or what stood in their way, the fugees defeated all the obstacles in their way. All of this makes for a really good and interesting book. The climax is near the very end at the tornado cup and it goes into detail about the games they play there. Overall I think it shows the story of the fugees first years very …show more content…

Luma built a great program, not only for the kids in Clarkston but for the parents as well. The program helps the parents by helping with paperwork and other things that may be hard for immigrants to do. I feel like this is a very important book for people to read. This book made me think about the many challenges that refugees and immigrants face today. I believe it helps add some perspective about how people live in other countries, and how tough life is for immigrants. It shows the challenges they face and how hard life in america can be when you didn't grow up here. America is a very confusing place and many of these immigrants don't even know how to speak english when they arrive here. One of the biggest challenges they have is finding a good paying job. Most of them don't have the requirements to get a good paying job so they are forced to take low paying jobs and work a lot to make ends meet. Sometimes they don't have enough money, and they can't afford to eat for a while. Life for immigrants in the united states is very difficult. Not only is there the problems with money and language, but they also face discrimination. Immigrants come here to have a better life. They want to leave their countries for various reasons but many are not good. Wars and bombings, hunger, these are a few reasons why they might leave their countries and come to the safety of the United

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