Pat Tillman In Where Men Win Glory

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Pat Tillman’s Trajectory And The Last Man Throughout the novel, “Where Men Win Glory”, the reader learns about the life and trajectory of Pat Tillman, a hardworking and sacrificial American who gave up his sport career and followed what his heart was directing him to do. While all people seem to get consumed with materialism, fame, and image, Pat Tillman remained a true American role model who was selfless, committed, inspiring, and a modest person. Pat Tillman’s character and achievements were above any other soldier which was extremely outstanding. In chapter 15 we discern how Pat Tillman did not care about materialism when he was offered a contract, and he had turned it down. In fact, Frank argued with Tillman, “‘The Rams want to pay you $9.6 million! If you stay with the Cardinals, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’re gonna be playing for $12,000.’ Pat says, ‘I’ve made my decision, Frank. I’m going to stay with the Cardinals’” (130). When Pat Tillman decided to join the army, everyone including his family thought he was out of his…show more content…
Pat Tillman requested for the Army to not be involved in his funeral service through his statement, “ I don’t want them to parade me through the streets” (349). Jade Lane says that Pat was afraid of Bush’s people making a big deal out of his death if something were to happen to him. Pat thought it was unimportant to obtain an image in society. Instead, he just wanted to fight for his country and do something more than playing a sport and sitting on the couch. Pat had his clear goals and was determined to achieve them. He was willing to go as planned with or without support from his family or girlfriend. Pat did not care about the criticism he received from people or the Army itself. Instead, he still continued on and demonstrated that sacrifice are better than
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