Summary Of Paul-Paul Foucault's Discipline And Punish

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Paul- Michel Foucault was a French philosopher also known as a historian of systems of thoughts whose influence extended across a broad array of disciplines especially in the humanities and social sciences and a social critic. He created his own title when he was promoted to professorship at one of the most prestigious colleges in France “College de France” in 1970. He is perhaps best known for his ruminations on power, self identity, epistemology, and the evolution of systems of thought and meaning. He is often described as post-structuralist or post modernist, however Foucault himself rejected such titles, preferring to analyse their significance rather than identifying with them. He was born on October 15, 1926, in Poitiers, France and died in Paris in 1984 from an AIDS related illness. Foucault was a…show more content…
Cultural identities are identified using various factors, a few of which are ‘race’, ethnicity, gender and class. Foucault’s work on asylums and insanity allows for a different and unique take on the evolution of the modern self. In his 1977 work, ‘Discipline and Punish’, Foucault breaks down and analyses the connections that exists between power and knowledge. He examines these connections in relation to those in charge, which due to societal circumstances are deemed in power over the masses as they exert and impress their form of identity onto those over whom they are in control. The social construction of sexuality revitalises an even stronger argument for cultural identity and its link to power and overwhelmingly dominant discourses. Social and cultural identities are shaped in relation to the norms and value systems within a society. As Foucault examines the insane and the origins of deviance, he provides insight on how the self is created in relation to expert discourses that attempt to keep the societal norms intact, encouraging individuals to keep themselves within the mould that the society has set out as what is normal in a process of
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