Summary Of Paulo Coelho's Eleven Minutes

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Introduction Since the ancient times women suffer from different forms of injustices on account of their sex. Women are suppressed in our patriarchal society. The family is patriarchal, and it exploits various rights of women. Being a woman, the role of woman in society and family has always fascinated me so I have chosen the books that are based on feminist perspectives. Feminism is about getting equal rights and opportunities for women and allowing women to have control over their lives and bodies. Many people believe that women have been disadvantaged and mistreated since ancient times and men have had more power than women. I have selected the three very interesting novels and they are Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho (Brazil), The Red Tent by Anita Diamant (United States) and Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (United Kingdom). These all novels are based on the three different time periods through which we can see the role of women in society and family since the ancient times to the contemporary times. Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes is a journey of a young Brazilian woman, Maria who always dreamt of her prince charming, fallen in love several times but always left heartbroken.…show more content…
She is the protagonist of the novel. The story revolves around Dinah and her four mothers. This novel talks about what life was like for women in this historical period. It reveals the story of women and their relationships with one another. Dinah spends her childhood in the women’s tents. The Red Tent is a place reserved for women while they menstruate or bear children. There is separation between the worlds of men and women. They talk about the importance of friendship, childbirth and midwifery. It also reveals celebration of women’s strength in a ways that is different from men. At the end Dinah conveys forgiveness for the past and hope for the

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