Summary Of Pedro's Death At Blockbuster

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Pedro got up from his bed and looked at his alarm clock. It read: 7:30. Pedro was late for his job interview at Blockbuster. He ran to the closet to grab a shirt. On his way there, Pedro slipped on a Taco Bell Dorito Supreme. He fell flat on his back. He got up, put a dirty shirt on, and rushed out the door. He hopped onto his moped. When he started driving he realized that he was almost out of gas. He pulled into the local Shell. When he went to go and pay, Pedro realized that he was all out of money. Pedro walked to the road and tried to hitchhike. After what seemed like forever, Pedro eventually found a ride. The guy that was driving him was very nice and had a Blockbuster’s shirt on. Pedro asked him if he worked there. The man replied
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