Summary Of Percy Jackson: A Hero's Journey

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All societies have tales of legendary people, tales of people who do the impossible- heroes. Heroes come in all forms. We have all heard about them, in some story, rather it be in a movie or a book. What you may not realize is that every hero has a journey, a journey that leads them to become the person capable of these amazing feats. This process is called the heroes journey. Here we will follow the heroic tale of Percy Jackson, from “Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Just as most heroes, Percy begins his journey unaware of the new life he will have, once finished with his journey. Unaware the he is a demigod, the son of the god Poseidon. In his ordinary life, Percy is a young boy dealing with obstacles that he feels are getting him into trouble. The obstacles that plague Percy are ADHD and dyslexia. The only constant in his life is his mom, who is in a troubled relationship with his stepfather. In a heroic tale, there are steps that define the journey that develops the heroic qualities. This pattern is defined as the separation, initiation/transformation, and the return phases.
The separation phase is the events that cause the would-be hero to make changes that will set
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He has developed his abilities and found friends that he can depend on. The life he knew is no longer and he is fine with that. Percy realizes that he has finally found “home” at Camp Half-Blood. He returns to his Mom, who Hades freed after Percy returned his Helm to him. While Percy is glad to see his Mom, he knows that he can never go back to being an “ordinary” kid. A whole new world has been opened for Percy. He now has options and is more confident. He has learned to be a warrior and that he can solve his problems. Percy took on a task that would unbeknownst to him, make him a hero. He had set out on a journey unaware of the person he would become and unaware at how he would change the
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