Summary Of Planet Of The Slums By Mike Davis

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The book “Planet of the Slums” by Mike Davis is a huge eye opener that explains the harsh realities of slums. This books explores conditions of slums, how and suggested reasons as to why slums come about in cities, and how they are increasing due to different government or sometimes lack of government acts. Davis paints this picture and sells the ideas providing evidence and statistics form a lot of different countries and cities that have, and continue these harsh realities. Though he uses a lot of different examples of countries to where it can be confusing to keep track of where you’re reading about, it kind of proves a point itself that there are so many places in this world where these problems are being faced, it is hard to realize and wrap your head around this toughness.…show more content…
Then these governments and city planners calls to beatify these cities by violently evicting people, pushing out the poor to outskirts of cities and essentially hiding them from wealthy eye. Land developers also are guilty in this process. In order to maximize profits they trick squatters and others into eviction only so they can demolish their homes. He also poses a strong argument of organizations such as the World Bank, trying to “help” slums, but then building to nice of places for poor people to afford and not helping people living in slums at
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