Summary Of Queen Elizabeth's Speech Before The Spanish Armada Invasion

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Motivational Speaker, Queen Elizabeth I, in her “Speech Before The Spanish Armada Invasion,” uplifts and secure faith in her troops, while showing her capability of being their Queen through the repetition of nationalism, parallelism, and diction. By starting off the speech with “ We have been persuaded,”(line 1) she is including herself in the fight which builds common ground between her and her troops. By including herself in the fight, she inspires nationalism, though the emotional argument she presents throughout the speech. With the repetition of “My loving people” and “ My faithful and loving people,” which is inspiring the faithful to possess more faith. She maintains an inspirational tone throughout her speech by appealing to the troop’s emotion and nationalism. Elizabeth begins her speech to the troops by honoring them, defending their nationalism, and giving them a means to fight. Throughout Queen Elizabeth 's speech, she repeatedly references their county and god which shows a strong sense of loyalty to England. Which she is trying to infuse into the people so that they believe in her and that her decisions are in the best interest of her and her people. Elizabeth refers to herself as “weak and feeble”(line…show more content…
Throughout her speech, she announces that she places all of her trust in her people and never expresses any form of distrust. Elizabeth 's unchanging trust and devotion to her people reminds them that they are more alike than different. She shows this by giving her subject’s freedom, so there will be a less chance of conflict between them and her, also she gives them the means to defend and protect their home. This makes her people have more respect and remain loyal to
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