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R K Narayan’s The Financial Expert: An Ironical novel of Riches to Rags and Vice Versa

A. Phaniraja Kumar Research Scholar, Dept. of English, ANU, Nagarjuna Nagar, AP, India.

Abstract: This paper attempts at examining R K Narayan’s creation of a protagonist, Margayya. He rises from Rags to Riches and vice versa. Life taught him the philosophy of life. The novel also projects the prevailing conditions of life while R. K. Narayan is writing this novel during war period. This novel celebrates the main phase of Narayan’s work as a novelist.
Keywords: Amass, avarice, identity, indianness, karma, local irony, phases, rags, Swadeshi tradition and vice versa.
Introduction: The Indian novel in English is characterized by a variety of themes and techniques. The novelists from all parts of India contribute their mite to the development of Indian English Novel. They have given expression to their hopes, dreams motifs, aspirations, beliefs and culture of the nation. R.K.Narayan writes admirably clean English, Mulk Raj Anand has tried to solve the problems of medium by Indianization of English words and Raja Rao successfully transmutes into English, the idiom, the rhythm and the tone of the natural speech of the
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Sampath’. The attitude of ‘Financial expert’, Margayya to money makes him what he is. It gives him both a meaning in life and a station in the universe. But later on he thinks more and more about money as an abstraction which is unrelated to human need. This makes his rise and fall inevitable. The human values, ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’ and ‘Karma’ are disturbed in ‘The Financial Expert’. According to Harish Raizada, ‘The Creation of Margayya, a tragi-comic and an ambiguous financial expert, is R.K.Narayan’s special contribution to Indo-Anglian fiction. The title of the novel as well as the name of the hero echoes with

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