Summary Of Rachel Dolezal Misrepresented We Wanted By Jessica Elzophrenia

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1. Text 1, ”Civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal misrepresented herself as black, claim parents” an article from The Guardian website, June 12th 2015, written by Jessica Elgot, informs the reader about the scandal surrounding American Civil Rights activist Rachel Dolezal. The article is an objective news report. “The biological parents […] have claimed that she has been misrepresenting herself as a black women when her heritage is white.” (Text 1, 1-5). The article does not side with either party, but simply portray what both parties claim.

Text 2, “Why black women feel so betrayed by Rachel Dolezal” an article published on The Telegraph website on June 26th 2015, written by the French psychologist Guilaine Kinouani, criticizes Rachel Dolezal for about lying about her heritage. “…and some have even expected us to be grateful for the work and energy Rachel Dolezal devoted to “the cause” […] Forgive us, please, if some of us feel as grateful to Dolezal as to colonialists.” (Text 2, 67- 75). The author feels as if Rachel Dolezal’s lie has had such a negatively affect that her previous involvement cannot make up for her lie.

Text 3, “Let Rachel Dolezal Be as Black as She Wants to Be” a comment by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar published on Time Magazine website June 15th 2015, discuss the fact that race has been proven to be nothing but a myth and it shouldn’t matter whether Rachel is black or white. “As far as Dolezal is concerned […] she merely selected a cultural

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